Review by Jonatan : Revoltech Yamaguchi No.127 - Naked Jehuty
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Revoltech Yamaguchi No.127 - Naked Jehuty

Revoltech Yamaguchi No.127 - Naked Jehuty

5  Thursday 28 February, 2013
by Jonatan  Finland  

I can't even begin to describe how excited I was when I learned they were making this figure, and the end result was worth the wait. The Revoltech Yamaguchi Naked Jehuty portrays the mech with astounding precision, although the actual sculpt seems to be based on an earlier piece of concept art, as Naked Jehutys ingame model lacks the tail present on the figure, and the figure doesn't look quite as "stripped down" as it's ingame counterpart, not gonna complain though, this thing is frickin' awesome.

Now, starting with functionality, Naked jehuty Makes smart use of revolver joints in the hips, shoulders, elbows, torso, neck, tail, and wing connections to give the figure a good deal of posability, along with hinges in the knees, a swivel in the waist, and smaller revoler joints for the wristsand little "option" blades on the waist. The previous versions of Jehuty came with two seperate sword accesories, one retracted to be used as a gun, and another with the blade extended for some hack-n-slash action, but Naked jeuhty does away with that, instead replacing them with a single hinged blade, which can swing forward for use, or rest on the back of his forearm for storage. The blade doesn't seem to be detachable, and as arandom note, is actually rather shrap and pointy, and accidentally poking yourself with the sword actually hurts. While all these joints do afford a lot of posing options, the only problem is, you really have to want it, and be willing to put some effort into posing this guy.

now, onto accesories, and this is where the Previous figures really shined. And to be honest, I was a bit disappointed, I was hoping for some kind of effect part, or some new and unique accesory, and while neither of these are present, the other accesories do get the job done. You get three pairs of extra hands in total, in addition to the default, relaxed ones, one pair of spalyed open hand, one pair of cleched fists, and one pair of not-quite-closed fists that seem to be meant for holding something. You also get two energy effect parts meant for the wings, and a pair of extended heel spurs, these add some nice posing options, but are nothing too spectacular. You also get the tail, which is seperate in the box, and attaches to the base of the back via a revolver joint, nothing mind blowing there either. Aside from the tail, the only new accesoryis a new pair of wings, which are solid, and have four holes that can mount revolver joints, this new wing piece is specifically sculpted in such a fashion that you can connect either of the cannon bits of the Vector Cannon, that came in the Jehuty with Vecotr Cannon set, onto them, as well as the being able to hold the Homing Missile accesories from the original Jehuty via a clear plastic adapter.

So, final thoughts then? The articulation is good, but you really have to work for it, and the accesories are just barely enough, so it looks a bit grim for the figure, but there is still one thing you must take into account...
It's NAKED F****N' JEHUTY! TYhe mech you get right at the end of the game right after winning the antagonist in a fight where the bad guy hold every advantage, it's the machine that carries you through that final epic showdown with Aumaan Anubis, andstops the end of the world as we know it! Sure, the toy is perhaps a tad flawed, but the shear awesome factor of having this in hand, immortalized in plastic, is enough for me to overlook the flaws.

For a Z.O.E. Fan, this is a must have, and I would recommend it to people anyway. Now all I wish for is that they would make an Aumaan Anubis to go with this figure.

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