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Kan Next Series No.1 - IJN Battleship Yamato
US$36.29  US$29.65
Save: 18% off

Battleship Yamato 1/700
US$26.74  US$22.23
Save: 17% off

IJN Battle Ship Hiei (Plastic Model Kit)
US$36.29  US$31.24
Save: 14% off

USS Yorktown (CV-5) (Plastic model)
US$22.92  US$19.46
Save: 15% off

IJN Heavy Cruiser Kinugasa
US$21.01  US$18.40
Save: 12% off

1/350 US Navy DD445 Fletcher
US$22.92  US$21.32
Save: 7% off

31616 1/700 USnavy Battleship BB-61 Iowa
US$30.56  US$22.11
Save: 28% off

JB04 1/350 IMSDF SS-501 Souryuu
US$36.29  US$28.64
Save: 21% off

Yamato Battleship 1-250 by Arii
US$93.58  US$71.63
Save: 23% off

IJN Fast Battleship Kongou 1941 (Plastic model)
US$26.74  US$22.31
Save: 17% off

1/350 IJN Lt Cruiser "YAGAGI"
US$93.58  US$80.94
Save: 14% off

JMSDF Aegis Defender Ashigara (Plastic model)
US$24.83  US$21.58
Save: 13% off

JMSDF Defender DDG-173 Kongo
US$31.51  US$24.52
Save: 22% off

JDS LST-4002 Shimokita
US$30.56  US$22.41
Save: 27% off

IJN Heavy Cruiser Chokai 1942
US$26.74  US$23.17
Save: 13% off

1/350 Japanese Navy General Part
US$22.92  US$19.78
Save: 14% off

R.M.S. Titanic (Plastic model)
US$93.58  US$78.35
Save: 16% off

IJN Aircraft Carrier Akagi
US$26.74  US$23.02
Save: 14% off

Yamato Japanese Battleship (Plastic model)
US$74.49  US$54.36
Save: 27% off

1/700 Aircraft Carrier Shinano
US$30.56  US$22.91
Save: 25% off

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