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4  Thursday 26 January, 2017
by Hisham  Saudi Arabia  

The figure overall is a very nice one based on its price. It is well sculptured and the facial and cloths details really resembles the character well. Its height is also good, the painting is very good as well. The jacket is the only removable part, it can be put on but it doesn't have an attachment point to the figure as you just have to place it on its back. The only downside i can say about this figure is the stand. It only have a small piece that can be attached to either foot ( i think it fit more on the right than the left) to hold it in place but the problem is that it isn't much reliable and you need a very steady and smooth surface to put it on otherwise it well fall.

Overall, its a very good figure, its price is really good, i wanted because i liked the wat it stood and it can be nice addition if you are a fan of haikyuu.

Ichiban Kuji [HUNTER x HUNTER] Prize-Last one: Hisoka -Magician ver.-

Ichiban Kuji [HUNTER x HUNTER] Prize-Last one: Hisoka -Magician ver.-

5  Monday 09 January, 2017
by Hisham  Saudi Arabia  

This was actually my first order from plamoya website. I was looking for hisoka figure but i always find that its out of stock in several collectible sites and the price was really high in eBay and amazon. Nevertheless , i ordered this figure for 2 reasons; because i really wanted this hisoka figure to add to my collection and because i wanted to try plamoya website in order to make it a destination for me in the future ( for anime products , games , etc).

The shipping time was quick via EMS ( less than 10 days from Japan to Saudi Arabia)and i truly appreciated the care and attention to the figure safety in the packaging box. The figure itself was superb in quality , its colors are vibrant and stand out among other figures, it shows great attention to detail in sculpting and painting. I honestly like the way it stand as it truly resemble the sarcastic nature of hisoka in Hunter X Hunter manga and anime. Its an excellent choice for any fan of Hunter X Hunter to add to their collection.

In the end, a highly recommended product from a highly recommended site.

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