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Nakano Azusa Clayz Ver. (PVC Figure) 1/6
US$93.72  US$30.23
Save: 68% off

K-ON! - Nodoka Manabe (PVC Figure)
US$71.60  US$31.63
Save: 56% off

Cutie Figure Mascot - K-ON!! Part.II (9pcs)
US$45.11  US$20.96
Save: 54% off

Akiyama Mio Clayz Ver. (PVC Figure) 1/6
US$93.72  US$52.16
Save: 44% off

K-on!! Chara Metal Tag 2 12 pieces
US$35.38  US$19.87
Save: 44% off

Cute-rait 23 : Tainaka Ritsu
US$157.95  US$91.34
Save: 42% off

Hirasawa Yui Clayz Ver. (PVC Figure) 1/6
US$93.72  US$54.48
Save: 42% off

Shiny+ [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
US$17.55  US$10.61
Save: 40% off

Akiyama Mio Swim Wear Ver. PVC 1/7
US$71.60  US$43.33
Save: 39% off

mobip No.06 K-On! Tainaka Ritsu (PVC Figure)
US$31.59  US$19.14
Save: 39% off

Nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu (PVC Figure)
US$40.11  US$25.25
Save: 37% off

K-ON! The Movie - London Taxi (Model Car)
US$40.01  US$25.94
Save: 35% off

K-ON! BEACH QUEENS Tainaka Ritsu 1/10 PVC Figure
US$40.01  US$25.94
Save: 35% off

K-on! Hirasawa Yui Culture Festival Ver. 1/8
US$71.60  US$48.63
Save: 32% off

Cute-rait 23 : Akiyama Mio
US$157.95  US$108.47
Save: 31% off

Suzuki Jun Wave Ver. (PVC Figure) 1/10
US$40.01  US$28.19
Save: 30% off

Chibi Voice! K-On! (BOX)
US$73.71  US$52.16
Save: 29% off

Nendoroid Nakano Azusa (PVC Figure)
US$35.10  US$24.90
Save: 29% off

Azusa Nakano Ichiban Kuji Premium Figure Limited
US$61.07  US$43.63
Save: 29% off

K-ON! Tainaka Ritsu 1/7 PVC Figure
US$68.19  US$48.74
Save: 29% off

K-ON!! - DokiDoki Big Towel: Tsumugi Kotobuki
US$50.54  US$36.32
Save: 28% off

K-ON! Kotobuki Tsumugi Bunny Ver. 1/4 PVC FIgure
US$148.42  US$107.01
Save: 28% off

Hirasawa Yui Max Factory Ver. (PVC Figure) 1/7
US$78.22  US$56.40
Save: 28% off

K-ON! Hirasawa Yui Nendoroid Action Figure
US$35.10  US$25.77
Save: 27% off

Nendoroid Hirasawa Ui (PVC Figure)
US$35.10  US$25.78
Save: 27% off

figma Tainaka Ritsu uniform ver.
US$38.11  US$28.03
Save: 26% off

1/700 K-ON! USS Kitty Hawk (Plastic model)
US$82.13  US$60.69
Save: 26% off

K-on! The K-on club! Jigsaw Puzzle 300 piece
US$16.85  US$12.56
Save: 25% off

Hirasawa Ui Wave Ver. (PVC Figure) 1/10
US$40.01  US$30.22
Save: 24% off

Nendoroid: Akiyama Mio PVC Figure
US$35.10  US$27.67
Save: 21% off

Nendoroid Kotobuki Tsumugi (PVC Figure)
US$35.10  US$27.77
Save: 21% off

Precious Memories K-on!! Booster Pack Part.1
US$69.50  US$55.02
Save: 21% off

Nakano Azusa Alter Ver. (PVC Figure) Alter K-on!
US$71.60  US$56.79
Save: 21% off

SWIFT IRC Helicopter K-ON (Green) (RC Model)
US$89.51  US$71.30
Save: 20% off

TV Anime "K-On!! (Keion!!)" / Pure Pure Heart
US$10.24  US$8.18
Save: 20% off

K-ON! Magnet Mascot 12pcs
US$60.65  US$48.75
Save: 20% off

Nendroid Kotobuki Tsumugi 2nd edition ABS&PVC
US$35.10  US$28.24
Save: 20% off

K-ON! 2nd Vol.5 Mio Akiyama mobip Action Figure
US$31.59  US$25.64
Save: 19% off

Speaker Mascot K-ON!! Trading Figure (Box of 8)
US$58.97  US$48.51
Save: 18% off

K-On! Hirasawa Yui mobip Ver. (PVC Figure)
US$31.59  US$26.08
Save: 17% off

Precious Memories K-on!! Starter Deck Part.1
US$15.80  US$13.05
Save: 17% off

K-on!! Collection for iPhone4 Hirasawa Yui
US$21.06  US$17.43
Save: 17% off

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