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Master Grade

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Master Grade

In the late 90s, 1/100 Scale modelling leaped through another step as the new Master Grade models finally made its appearance. MG kits consists of features similar to those of the HG and HGUC but better. This line of plastic kits was the first to feature a moveable inner frame system which enables superb movements and bending of joints. The popularity of this line was so great that a lot of old and new kits from non-graded series (even from the Seed and Seed Destiny lines) received the MG treatment. The boxes of MG kits are normally bulkier and bigger. MG kits come in a standard scale of 1/100 even for very big sized Mobile Suits (like the Perfect Zeong, Sazabi and MSA-0011(Ext) Ex-S Gundam ). In addition, all transformable mobile suits or units can now fully transform without needing to use extra body parts beginning from this series.

00 Raiser MG 1/100 GN-0000+GNR-010
US$62.07  US$38.88
Save: 37% off

Gundam MG MS-14S Char's Gelgoog Scale 1/100
US$28.65  US$19.89
Save: 31% off

Gundam MG Destiny Gundam
US$45.84  US$32.94
Save: 28% off

Gundam MG ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam
US$36.29  US$26.15
Save: 28% off

US$95.49  US$69.13
Save: 28% off

1/100 00 QAN[T] (MG)
US$42.97  US$31.15
Save: 28% off

Gundam Exia (MG) (Gundam Model Kits)
US$36.29  US$26.33
Save: 27% off

Gundam MG Strike Rouge 1/100 Scale
US$38.20  US$27.98
Save: 27% off

Gundam Build Fighters - Build Gundam Mk-II (MG)
US$47.75  US$35.15
Save: 26% off

Gundam MG Launcher/Sword Strike Gundam
US$47.75  US$35.37
Save: 26% off

US$42.97  US$32.35
Save: 25% off

MG 1/100 Unicorn Gundam
US$47.75  US$36.38
Save: 24% off

RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.3.0 (MG)
US$42.97  US$32.85
Save: 24% off

MSN-06S Sinanju Ver.Ka Titanium Finish (MG)
US$114.59  US$87.61
Save: 24% off

Gundam MG RX-93 ν Gundam (Nu Gundam)
US$47.75  US$37.27
Save: 22% off

Gundam MG MSM-07 Z'Gok Scale 1/100
US$28.65  US$22.41
Save: 22% off

Gundam MG Destiny Gundam Extreme Blast Mode
US$66.85  US$52.95
Save: 21% off

Gundam RX-178 Gundam Mk-II A.E.U.G MG 1/100 Scale
US$26.74  US$21.20
Save: 21% off

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn - MSN-06S Sinanju (MG)
US$71.62  US$57.15
Save: 20% off

Gundam MG 100 ∀ Gundam (Turn A Gundam)
US$36.29  US$29.04
Save: 20% off

Gundam MG RX-78-5 Gundam Scale 1/100 Model Kit
US$26.74  US$21.49
Save: 20% off

Gundam MG MS-06F Zaku II Ver.2.0
US$33.42  US$26.92
Save: 19% off

MS-06R-1A Zaku II MG Model Kit 1/100 Scale
US$28.65  US$23.11
Save: 19% off

Mobile Suit Rx-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka Model Kit
US$30.56  US$24.74
Save: 19% off

Z Gundam - Hyaku-Shiki Ver 2.0 (MG)
US$64.94  US$52.59
Save: 19% off

Gundam MG Strike Freedom Gundam Full Burst Mode
US$66.85  US$54.69
Save: 18% off

Gundam MG GM Sniper Model Kit
US$33.42  US$27.45
Save: 18% off

Gundam MG MS-06R-2 Johnny Ridden's ZAKU Ver.2.0
US$42.97  US$35.37
Save: 18% off

LM312V04 V Gundam Ver.Ka (MG) 1/100
US$36.29  US$30.14
Save: 17% off

Gundam MG MS-14A Gelgoog Scale 1/100
US$28.65  US$23.87
Save: 17% off

Gundam MG RX-78NT-1 Gundam NT-1 Alex Scale 1/100
US$28.65  US$23.91
Save: 17% off

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