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High Complete Model Progressive

"High Complete Model Progressive" series of completed action figures is a plastic model of 1/200 scales by Bandai. It is called Haicompro and HCM Pro for short. This Painted and Complete Plastic model has been put on the market since 2004. It is planned as a scaled model of Gundam that achieves complete painting and posing available. The "High Complete Model Progressive" series of completed action figures is Bandai's latest action figure line. These are a cross between models and toys, all with exceptional engineering and design. These miniature figures are in 1/200 scale, well detailed and extremely posable.

Gundam HCM Pro G-BOX Jet Stream Attack Set
US$64.94  US$34.70
Save: 47% off

Gundam HCM Pro 49-00 Gundam Virtue
US$36.29  US$19.67
Save: 46% off

Gundam HCM Pro 22 Z.A.K.U Set 1/200 Scale Figure
US$36.29  US$21.88
Save: 40% off

Gundam HCM Pro 53-00 53-00 TIEREN SPACE SET
US$30.56  US$19.13
Save: 37% off

Gundam HCM Pro 44-00 Gundam Exia
US$21.96  US$15.52
Save: 29% off

HCM-Pro 60-00 1/200 GN-0000 OO Gundam 1/200
US$26.74  US$19.23
Save: 28% off

1/200 HCM Pro #32 - Yakuto Doga
US$21.01  US$15.81
Save: 25% off

Gundam HCM Pro 45-00 Gundam Dynames
US$21.96  US$16.91
Save: 23% off

US$28.65  US$22.81
Save: 20% off

Gundam HCM Pro SP-005 Gundam Exia Special Painted
US$40.11  US$32.37
Save: 19% off

Gundam HCM Pro 47-00 Gundam Kyrios
US$28.65  US$23.99
Save: 16% off

1/200 HCM Pro #42 Gundam Akatsuki Complete Set
US$49.66  US$45.09
Save: 9% off

Gundam HCM Pro 48-00 Hi-Nu Gundam
US$40.11  US$37.58
Save: 6% off

Gundam 00 HCM Pro 62-00 G-BOX 00 RAISER SET
US$42.97  US$41.34
Save: 4% off

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