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Fix Figuration

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The Gundam Fix Figuration series of collectible toys was started based on the Gundam mechanical designs of Hajime Katoki and his 'Gundam Fix' illustration artbook and are released by Bandai.

US$74.49  US$45.75
Save: 39% off

COSMIC REGION #7006 Akatsuki
US$42.97  US$28.74
Save: 33% off

Gundam FIX FIGURATION #0021b Gundam F91
US$38.00  US$26.53
Save: 30% off

Gundam FIX FIGURATION #0035 Shin Musha Gundam
US$45.84  US$33.15
Save: 28% off

Gundam FIX FIGURATION #0024 Z Gundam
US$42.97  US$31.19
Save: 27% off

Gundam Fix Figuration 0004 G-Armor
US$47.55  US$38.23
Save: 20% off

00 REGION #2301 Gundam Exia
US$38.20  US$33.02
Save: 14% off

Gundam Fix Figuration 0001 Full-Armor Gundam
US$28.45  US$27.61
Save: 3% off

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