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Shining Blade - Elmina Roderia (PVC Figure)
US$64.94  US$30.39
Save: 53% off

Shining Tears - Blanc Neige Complete Figure
US$89.13  US$42.79
Save: 52% off

SIF EX Shining Hearts: Xiao-Mei (PVC Figure)
US$93.58  US$55.93
Save: 40% off

Shining Blade: Airy Ardet (PVC Figure)
US$74.49  US$46.42
Save: 38% off

Shining Wind: Xecty Swimsuit Figure 1/7 Scale
US$61.84  US$40.17
Save: 35% off

Shining Ark: Panis Angelicus (PVC Figure)
US$74.49  US$49.90
Save: 33% off

Shining Blade : Xiaomei & Rinrin
US$85.94  US$57.63
Save: 33% off

Shining Hearts: Melty (PVC Figure)
US$105.04  US$76.26
Save: 27% off

Xiao-Mei (PVC Figure) 1/7
US$70.94  US$52.11
Save: 27% off

Shining Wind : Kureha figure [Kotobukiya]
US$55.39  US$42.16
Save: 24% off

Shining Hearts Maxima 1/8 PVC Figure
US$64.94  US$49.67
Save: 24% off

Shining Blade : Roselinde Freya
US$169.98  US$130.42
Save: 23% off

Shining Wind : Ryuna 1/8 Pre-painted PVC Figure
US$55.39  US$42.98
Save: 22% off

Shining Wind Elwing PVC Statue
US$55.39  US$43.97
Save: 21% off

Shining Blade - Misty (PVC Figure)
US$124.14  US$99.19
Save: 20% off

Shining Blade: Sakuya (PVC Figure)
US$103.13  US$84.00
Save: 19% off

Shining Wind: Xecty PVC Figure
US$74.49  US$60.79
Save: 18% off

Shining Resonance : Sonia Blanche
US$122.23  US$100.36
Save: 18% off

Phantom Ex_xecty 1/8 (PVC Figure)
US$64.94  US$55.04
Save: 15% off

Shining Wind: Clalaclan Swimsuit 1/7 Scale Figure
US$61.84  US$52.95
Save: 14% off

Shining Tears: Mao 1/7 Scale PVC Figure
US$43.65  US$38.68
Save: 11% off

Shining Wind: Kureha (PVC Figure)
US$74.49  US$71.62
Save: 4% off

Kaguya 1/8 Scale Shining Hearts Figure
US$64.94  US$63.00
Save: 3% off

Blade Arcus from Shining : Won Pairon
US$112.68  US$109.42
Save: 3% off

Shining Blade - Altina Mel Sylphis (PVC Figure)
US$64.94  US$63.34
Save: 2% off

Shining Wind : Touka
US$118.41  US$116.02
Save: 2% off

Shining Tears: Blanc Neige 1/8 Scale
US$55.39  US$54.95
Save: 1% off

Shining Ark - Sakuya - 1/8 - Mode:Violet
US$122.23  US$121.36
Save: 1% off

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