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Licca Chan

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Licca-chan - Prism Heart Licca-chan
US$42.97  US$26.98
Save: 37% off

Licca-chan - Bijou Series Candy Date
US$47.55  US$32.12
Save: 32% off

Licca-chan - LD-13 Fairy-tale Go-around
US$26.74  US$18.99
Save: 29% off

Licca-chan - LF-06 Dreamy Bed
US$28.65  US$20.59
Save: 28% off

Licca-chan - Maku-up Tsubasa-chan
US$40.11  US$29.45
Save: 27% off

Licca-chan - Mister Donut Shop
US$55.39  US$40.71
Save: 27% off

Licca-chan - LF-04 Drive with Family, Family Car
US$23.87  US$17.89
Save: 25% off

Licca-chan - Shiny Hair Licca-chan
US$36.29  US$27.33
Save: 25% off

Licca-chan - LD-02 The First Bag Set
US$42.97  US$33.10
Save: 23% off

Ricca-chan LF-02 Washing set
US$30.56  US$23.61
Save: 23% off

Licca-chan - LD03 Colorful Ribbon Princess
US$30.56  US$23.81
Save: 22% off

Licca-chan - Big Kindergarden with Elevator
US$47.55  US$37.22
Save: 22% off

Licca-chan - LD15 Rilakkuma x Licca-chan
US$36.29  US$28.65
Save: 21% off

Licca-chan - LD-19 Beautiful Mom
US$28.65  US$22.91
Save: 20% off

Licca-chan - Licca-chan House Dress Room
US$42.97  US$34.86
Save: 19% off

Licca-chan - Shiny Hair Salon
US$47.55  US$38.68
Save: 19% off

Licca-chan - LD-20 Gentle Dad
US$30.56  US$25.06
Save: 18% off

Ricca-chan House - Ricca-chan's Room
US$33.42  US$27.63
Save: 17% off

Licca-chan - LW-12 Princess (Pink)
US$17.19  US$14.49
Save: 16% off

Licca-chan - Dream House with Elevater
US$143.24  US$121.27
Save: 15% off

Licca-chan - LW-08 Cute School Uniform
US$19.10  US$16.83
Save: 12% off

Licca-chan - Nadeshiko Japan Model 2015
US$37.24  US$32.83
Save: 12% off

Licca-chan - LF-10 Miki-chan Maki-chan Bunk Bed
US$17.19  US$15.23
Save: 11% off

Licca-chan - Cooking Kitchen
US$66.65  US$59.10
Save: 11% off

Licca-chan - LF-01 Refrigerator
US$21.01  US$18.82
Save: 10% off

Licca-chan - Bijou Series Ocean Carat
US$47.55  US$42.75
Save: 10% off

Ricca-chan LG-01 Shoes Set
US$9.55  US$8.82
Save: 8% off

Licca-chan - Rich Wave x LICCA
US$36.29  US$33.67
Save: 7% off

Ricca-chan LG-03 Rainy Day Set
US$9.55  US$8.94
Save: 6% off

Licca-chan - Dreamy Princess ~Jewelry Castle~
US$47.55  US$45.35
Save: 5% off

Licca-chan - Mr.Donut Clerk Dress
US$15.28  US$14.60
Save: 4% off

Licca-chan - LF-09 Couch & Pudding-chan
US$14.32  US$13.91
Save: 3% off

Licca-chan - Mechamori x Misaki
US$36.29  US$35.24
Save: 3% off

Licca-chan LG-02 Glass Shoes Set
US$9.55  US$9.33
Save: 2% off

Licca-chan - LD-21 Tomboy Miki-chan
US$11.46  US$11.22
Save: 2% off

Licca-chan - Mister Donut Shop Steamed Bun Set
US$11.46  US$11.22
Save: 2% off

Licca-chan - LG-04 Pudding's Family House Set
US$12.41  US$12.18
Save: 2% off

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